Green business — the new rehashing trend of modern business by EDI

Green business — the new rehashing trend of modern business by EDI

Nowadays, few people think about how much technology effects the world around us, how much we all depend on tools that unite us. With invention of the Internet, e-mail made revolution in communication. Now, its old hat. Spreading of the Internet – trend that grow each year. Index of the Internet expansion in Ukraine has already exceeded 60% — according to Factum Group

The USA leap forward in this. Providing of uninterrupted access to the Internet by launching the web of satellites is the main goal of American project SpaceX. It’s the new round for modern technologies. Soon, no one will be left without possibility of accessing the Internet, acquiring, receiving public services online.

However, we still use paper as record medium in the Ukraine. Business and government are trying to forget this “rudiment”. Launching of e-declaration is the shaky example of transition from paper to e-service. As a result, we continue to use paper as an information carrier, thus participating in deforestation for office needs. Sad statistics: One tree can produce 11.855 A4 sheets, average yearly consumption for office of 500 people — 30 trees.

All this is possible with the introduction of EDI-technologiesE-COM customers can illustrate the impressive results:

  • more than 300 million e-documents sent
  • Saved over 120 million UAH on paper
  • Saved about 50 forest hectares (over 75 thousand. trees)
  • Saved the oxygen for more than 230 thousand people, which is almost equal to the population of Ivano-Frankivsk town

Apart from obvious benefits to business, services based on the EDI directly affect the world around us, especially on it’s «lungs» and, ultimately, on the health of each of us. Make a step to socially responsible business right now! We, E-COM, made this choice and have built successful “green” business without paper for more than 10 years.

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